Kingsman: The Secret Service

Kingsman: The Secret Service

By Matthew Vaughn

  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Release Date: 2015-02-13
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 2h 9min
  • Director: Matthew Vaughn
  • Actors:
  • Awards:
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
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A super-secret organization recruits an unrefined but promising street kid into the agency's ultra-competitive training program just as a dire global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius. A phenomenal cast, including Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Caine, lead this action-packed spy-thriller directed by Matthew Vaughn (X-Men: First Class).



  • 3rd Rate, Gratuitous Violence

    By Eugene Hausenfaus
    Excessive violence and explicit sex.
  • good until the end

    By Jarhed13
    A good action flick and fun until the end when they, for some cheap and misogynistic reason, decided to end with anal sex. What a waste of a good movie, could have kept it classy....why must every movie entertain the male brain in such a predictable way?
  • Crude

    By NathanH83
    I found this movie to be crude. Slaughtering innocent people inside a church just for laughs? And all the dirty jokes and excessive profanity? And the final conclusion to the film had no redeeming value. Whoever wrote and directed this are sick people.
  • Silly Fun

    By vcsjones
    Don't expect a lot of thought provoking moments. It's got clever humor and is just plain fun.
  • Waste of time

    By hsBnkb
    Too much gratuitous violence, left with a sick feeling after watching the movie. The premise was interesting enough but got lost in all of the needlessly graphic violence.
  • Very fun movie

    By Rambo8649
    I thought the movie was very fun and entertaining, and well made. This is something I would watch many more times in the future.
  • It was good until the fake gore

    By BriStro
    This director is trying to compete with Quinton Tarantino. A good storyline but it parable execution with fake senseless gore and constant murder. So Bad we could not finish.
  • Great

    By Ahe55
  • Me

    By One. Eye. Jack
    Dam good show old man can’t wait for part two
  • Watch the trailer, not the movie.

    By Where are the sprocket holes?
    About half way in this fun little movie turns into something from the imagination of a twelve year-old under the influence of LSD while watching a cheesy Matt Helm movie from the sixties. As usual, the Rotten Tomatoes ratings are not to be trusted.